The Bodega at Hi-Line

Logo Design, Branding, Custom Lettering

“The quality you want. The convenience you need.”



The Bodega is a 24-hour convenience store and cafe located underneath an upscale highrise apartment building in Dallas, Texas. They offer the high quality, fresh, locally-sourced food products the community wants, all from a convenient downstairs location. 24/7 availability, online ordering, and in-building deliveries let customers shop whatever way is easiest for them, making mealtime hassle-free. The clients wanted to position The Bodega as a premium brand in the eyes of their customers so they would be happy to adopt a “pay more, get more” mentality when shopping.


Create a brand identity for The Bodega shop that distanced itself from the traditional connotations associated with convenience stores and low-quality products. Our goal was to utilize the brand identity design as an opportunity to elevate the shop in the eyes the busy young professional residents of the upscale highrise apartment buildings it is located under.

The client wanted an upscale visual identity designed that would tell potential customers that inside they would find the kind of high-quality products they wanted delievered with the convenience of a 7-Eleven.



Logo Design

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