Brand Strategy, Branding Design, Hand Lettering, Collateral Design

Project Brief

Sweetie Pie by Savie is a bake shop based in Athens, Georgia serving up baked goods in a friendly environment. The dessert shop is having difficult time reaching potential customers across town because they aren’t aware the shop exists. With two similar bakeries in the small town of Athens, Sweetie Pie needed a strong visual identity it could use to increase audience awareness through development of various forms of visual collateral. 

The Challenge

Conduct in-depth research into Sweetie Pie by Savie’s target audience, the surrounding Athens competition, and the overall dessert industry. Create a handcrafted identity with a whimsical style that will combat the struggles local dessert shops tend to face from national supermarkets with in-house bakery chains. The identity should visually communicate Sweetie Pie by Savie’s “3 Key to Success,” which emphasizes a company philosophy built on always being cheerful, friendly, and personable. 

The Solution

I created Sweetie Pie by Savie’s primary logo by using a sweet and whimsical style that fits well with the bakery’s Keys to Success. I added a brand sub mark as well to give Sweetie Pie more variation across her branding. When designing the sub mark, I was inspired by the thought of creating something that could be used on labels in the shop or as stickers to hand out to her customers.

The color palette features a lighter color scheme paired with a brown accent color, which alludes to rich edibles like chocolate or bread. While the palette will appeal to Sweetie Pie’s target audience and create the brand personality desired, it will also stand out from the other Athens bakeries with darker, more vibrant color schemes. 

Design Process






Primary Logo
I created the whimsical style of the final logo design using custom hand lettering. I wanted to include lettering in the logo to help give it a charming and stylish feel. 

Brand Mark
The brand mark provides brand variety and can be used any time in place of the primary logo to create interest.  


The Sweetie Pie color palette draws from colors common in baked goods and the food industry. The lighter pinks and mauve allude to lovely colored frosting on top of a rich brown chocolate cupcake. The inclusion of yellow works to invoke feelings of freshly baked cake, a similarity that pairs naturally with yellow’s tendencies to create feelings of happiness in its viewers.