As a child, the question “what do you want to be when you grow up” was always met with a matter-of-fact response. A tiger. I wanted to be a tiger. Obviously. I really took it to heart when my parents told me I could be anything I wanted to be.

Unfortunately, in the adult world, “tiger” is apparently a frowned upon career aspiration. Tiger goals aside, my obsession with art supplies and overactive imagination made it clear that the only career path for me was becoming some type of artist. At first, it didn’t really matter to me what kind of artist – so long as I got to create things and it wasn’t the “starving” kind. In college, I found that I loved when strategy and creativity could intertwine to create something that was not only beautiful but also purposeful. It became clear that I’m at my best when my work is user-focused because that allows me to make every creative decision based on intention.

After a friend asked me to create a logo for her new business, I quickly fell in love with the worlds of branding design and hand lettering. Ever since I’ve loved creating clean and simple visual designs that not only look great but also easily communicate their purpose. I love to explore and feed my inner curiosity by continuing to challenge myself and learning from the work I create.

Why I do it

The values that drive my business and my designs

Create Joy

The Design Process should be exciting, fun, and joyful for both myself and for clients.

Details Matter

I’m a perfectionist at heart. While that can work for or against me, I prefer to channel my perfectionist tendencies into ensuring quality in my work – down to the very last detail.

Strategy First

Brand Discovery provides the backbone of my Design Strategy because intentional design decisions can only be made if the business (client) is understood completely.

Teamwork makes the dream work

The Client-Designer relationship is a partnership that will require teamwork, trust, and communication to receive the best results.


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