Branding Design, Hand Lettering

Project Brief

Stellar CPR is a company owned by a freelance CPR instructor. It aims to provide affordable CPR Lessons to neighborhoods, particularly Korean neighborhoods lacking the resources to hire a translator. The company’s goal is to maintain a friendly and helpful demeanor while supplying Korean speaking families with life-saving knowledge.

The Challenge

Design an effective logo for Stellar CPR that appeals to her target demographic of Korean Americans and portrays a helpful, friendly persona rarely found in the world of freelance CPR. The client also requested a logo with an icon mark she could use both together and separately. Also requested was the custom hand-lettered script composing the name “Stellar.”

The Solution

I chose the warm orange and yellow color scheme to create a sense of warmth in the logo. If you look closely, you’ll see that the star icon mark is made up of small hearts. The mark draws its origins from both the name “Stellar” and from CPR, a life-saving technique with focus on the heart. The client requested a custom script font for the name, so I chose a style that would be appealing while still retaining the friendly look. This logo is a lot more colorful and lively than logos of other freelance CPR specialists, which is something the client explicitly requested.

Design Process


I explored several different layouts for Stellar CPR’s logo. These are only a few of the most promising potentials. While sketching, I began to play with the idea of incorporating a pulse line into the lettering of the design. I ultimately decided against the pulse line for the final design. Instead, I chose to keep the lettering layout simple so it wouldn’t compete with the bright colors of the brand mark.

Unused Marks

These are a few of the unused designs I created while exploring ideas for the brand mark. There are several of these ideas both the client and I liked, but they ultimately did not compliment the script type of the final logo as much as I would have liked.


Shown here is the evolution of the Stellar CPR logo mark from initial sketch to finished product. The shape of the mark was originally inspired by images of stars conjured up from the word “Stellar.” The individually unique pieces of the finished mark are shaped like hearts as a nod to the purpose of CPR.