Brand Strategy, Branding Design, Collateral Design, Social Media Design

Project Brief

Java Saga is an Atlanta-based food truck serving up coffee, smoothies, and snacks with an Asian-inspired twist. I had the pleasure of working with the start-up to craft their brand identity from the bottom up.

The Challenge

The goal of this project was to help the food truck establish an exciting new brand identity that appealed to their youthful and fast-paced target market. Other than requesting deliverables in the form of a logo, t-shirt, and menu design, Java Saga was exceptionally open to any direction I wanted to take their branding and it’s application.

The Solution

After the initial research and exploration phase, I narrowed down potential logo concepts to those expressly conveying a feeling of adventure. The decision stemmed from the brand’s fast-paced nature as a food truck, as well as the words “saga” and “pursue” from the brand’s name and slogan. In the final design, brand’s exciting persona is communicated through the fluid font choice coupled beside a space ship blasting off with the S of Saga as it’s tail.
The color scheme was developed to contrast brightly against the brown of the company’s truck as well as spur feelings of excitement through the contrasting opposites. The orange also worked nicely to accent the presence of the spaceship in the final design.