Project Brief

Georgia Property Consultants (GPC) is a small real estate investment company based in Atlanta, Georgia. GPC helps clients flip houses by finding deeply discounted homes other realtors do not and offering them to clients as investments sans any unnecessary fees. GPC makes building wealth with investment properties a comfortable and profitable experience by focusing on building client confidence through offering the best deals at the lowest prices.

The Challenge

Create a cohesive brand for Georgia Property Consultants that represents their talent in helping clients find deeply discounted investment properties and appeals to their target market of Atlanta real estate investors looking to build wealth with investment homes. Many investors aren’t comfortable working with businesses in the wholesale real estate industry, so it is imperative that the GPC brand is perceived as trustworthy and professional.

The Solution

The color scheme for Georgia Properties Consultants was meticulously chosen after conducting research into the brand’s main competitors as well as color psychology. Ultimately, I chose to stay away from blue and brown color schemes in order to differentiate GPC from its competition, instead focusing on orange to create feelings of excitement associated with new opportunities. The font chosen for the logotype contains softly rounded edges paired with sharp corners to represent a trustworthy business that knows what it’s doing.



The house symbol is one quickly associated with the Real Estate Industry. I wanted to include the symbol not because it would be the simple thing to do, but for the multiple interpretations of the symbol and how it applies to my client’s brand personality.

A house can be two things. First, and most obviously, it serves as a structure that provides shelter from inclement weather and other dangers. As a structure, houses are made up of building elements such as walls, doors, windows, etc. The second and more important theme of the house symbol is its representation of the home. The idea of a home is more than just a structure to protect you from the elements. It’s feelings of belonging, safety, and family. These were all feelings I intended to invoke in GPC’s buyers through the inclusion of the house symbol.

Unused Logo Options

 These designs were rejected for various reasons. Some were for purely aesthetic reasons, while some didn’t seem to fit perfectly with the brand personality. The client did like the two on the right, but we ultimately decided to go in a completely different direction for the final design.

Refined Logo Options

After moving away from the styles of the rejected logo designs, a new concept was formed that seemed to fit the brand personality in a way that would appeal to the target market. These are four varying iterations of the new concept I sent to the client for feedback. The first and third were chosen as the clear winners, but after considering the color schemes of competitor companies, we ultimately decided to go with the first concept.

The bright orange and yellow tones are intended to create a feeling of happiness and comfort. The color duo paired with the similar connotations created by the house symbol work to produce a sense excitement and trust in the viewer.

The client was extremely pleased with how the final logo came out, and felt it represented their business well.

Final Design