If you’ve ever used Procreate on an iPad Pro to draw a banner, you know it can sometimes be a huge pain. For me personally, my lines always overlap and my inner perfectionist is not ok with that. So to fix it, I end up spending 45 minutes with the eraser tool zoomed it at a million percent.

After way too many hours spent trying to refine each new banner I drew, I started to wonder why I couldn’t just copy + paste the same banner across files and save myself the trouble. That’s when I realized…

Turning my banner into a custom stamp brush meant I would never have to draw it again.


Not to mention making a stamp brush would save me the trouble of having to switch to another project, copy the layer with the previously drawn banner, switch back to the current canvas, and paste the old banner in the new canvas. Using a stamp brush is way easier.

Making your own custom banner stamp may seem complicated, but it’s actually super easy. Follow along with the video as I walk you through the simple steps to create a stamp of your own!

Note: I apologize that the video’s exposure goes a little crazy. It kept focusing on and off the screen and trying to change the lighting to match spots around the iPad instead of only the iPad screen.

How to Make a Banner Stamp in Procreate

➡︎  Create a new square shaped canvas and draw your banner using a black brush on a white background

➡︎  Choose ‘Share’ > Save the banner to your iPad as a JPEG

➡︎  Click the ‘+’ in the Brushes panel to create a new brush

➡︎  Choose the saved banner image as your brush shape and find the blank white square in Procreate’s Pro Library for the grain

➡︎  Tap the banner image with two fingers to invert the colors to white on black

➡︎  Under ‘Stroke,’ change Spacing to 100% and move the Stroke Taper sliders to 0%

➡︎  Under ‘Grain,’ move all sliders to 0% and turn off the Filtered Switch

➡︎  Under ‘Pencil,’ change the Softness to 0%

➡︎  Under ‘General,’ turn on Orient to iPad Screen, increase the max size limit to around 900% and the minimum to around 84%

➡︎  Tap your canvas once with your Apple Pencil to use your new banner brush

That’s it! 

You’re all done! You can use this to create as many different banner stamp brushes as you like. This method also works for any other doodle you don’t want to draw over and over again.

This method also works for any other doodle you don’t want to draw over and over again. I have stamp brushes for shapes like stars, arrows, flowers, you name it. Anything you frequently find yourself drawing is a great candidate to be turned into a custom shape brush.

Let me know if you try this, I’d love to keep up with all the fun stamps you make!